Wetherby-West Yorkshire

Client:                      Leeds City Council
Main Contractor:    A E Yates
Project Value:         £80,000.00 (CFB works)

Working with A.E. Yates Ltd – Churchman-fenner and Brown completed works on masonry and repointing works to Linton Bridge, a listed structure on the outskirts of Yorkshire .

The masonry parapets to the bridge were not in accordance with current height regulations and were to be raised by the addition of a course of stone to match the existing.

CFB proposed a Crossland Hill Hard Yorkstone as the best match available and the client accepted this. The client stipulated minimum overlaps between adjacent courses and stones and this required CFB to carefully survey and schedule the stones to comply.

CFB then set about removing the parapet coping stones carefully numbering each to ensure that they were replaced in the same location. Some additional damaged stones from the lower courses were also removed ready for replacement. In view of the weight of the parapet copings and the new stones, special lifting equipment was required to carefully lift the heavy stone without damaging it.
The additional course stones were 280mm high and either 400 or 610mm wide in random lengths varying between 500mm and 1300mm with weights of up to 900kg. The specification required these to be bedded on a specific lime mortar mix to be in keeping with the heritage status of the bridge.

Upon completion of the installation of the new course and the reinstatement of the parapet copings and pilasters, the new stone along with a significant amount of the existing masonry was re-pointed using the approved Lime based mortar.

In addition to the replacement of defective masonry CFB also carried out several repairs to damaged stones using Remmers Stone repair mortar specifically colour matched to the existing Stone. This provide a cheaper less invasive solution to cutting out and replacing the damaged masonry.

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