Target Fixings Systems

The company is an approved installer for Target Fixings Ltd who manufacture an innovative range of construction solution for the strengthening of Masonry structures as well as a helical piling system which can be used in a wide range of situations.

CFB have utilised the system on a wide range of projects creating brick beams to remedy failed lintels, stitching cracks and pinning masonry. The high tensile strength of the stainless steel helical bar coupled with the superior bonding characteristics of the bar and the surrounding grout ensure the target systems provide better load and performance characteristics to alternative standard reinforcing materials.

Whether it be a brickwork problem in a domestic dwelling, a failed arch in a masonry bridge or a need to
provide increased load carrying capacity in foundation, CFB and Target Fixings can provide a fully insured designed solution to your structures problems.

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Areas we have recently completed projects Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire; Shropshire; West Midlands; Birmingham; Manchester; Wiltshire; Dudley; Sandwell; Manchester; Liverpool; Merseyside; North wales; South Wales; Northamptonshire; Warwickshire; Lincolnshire;Yorkshire; Leeds; Leicestershire; Nottinghamshire; Swindon; Bristol; London; Home Counties.
We specialise in concrete repair, masonry repair and refurbishment, structural waterproofing, grouting, piling and anchoring, specialist civil engineering, building refurbishment, target fixings and platipus systems  call our office for further information 01782 713063.