Platipus Systems – Earth Anchoring

Platipus Earth Anchoring Systems have been specifically designed to provide a fast, efficient and cost effective anchoring solution for the Civil Engineering and Construction industry. CFB became an approved installer for Platipus in 2004 and has seen its workload in the sector increase year on year.

The Platipus Earth Anchoring System requires no grout, no curing time, no mess and delivers excellent performance for applications including retaining walls, slope stabilisation, bridges, erosion control and anchoring of guyed structures to mention but a few.

CFB can provide, in conjunction with Platipus, a fully indemnified, designed solution to your anchoring project including the provision of test anchors to demonstrate and prove the load carrying capacity of the anchor and the soils. For more information visit

The comprehensive range of Platipus Earth Anchors earth anchors are driven directly into undisturbed soil/earth and offer load capacities up to 200kN. They are quick and easy to install using conventional installation equipment providing proof tested anchor points immediately.  Earth anchors can be used for a variety of uses including Retaining Walls, Slope Stabilisation, Bridges Sheet Piling,g Erosion Control , Gabion Support Rock Retention, Pipelines Drainage Guyed Structures.

Case Study for Somercoats:  Platipus Case Study – 11-14 George Street, Somercotes
Case Study for Summerhill: Platipus Case Study – White Lion Close, Wrexham
Areas we have recently completed projects Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire; Shropshire; West Midlands; Birmingham; Manchester; Wiltshire; Dudley; Sandwell; Manchester; Liverpool; Merseyside; North wales; South Wales; Northamptonshire; Warwickshire; Lincolnshire;Yorkshire; Leeds; Leicestershire; Nottinghamshire; Swindon; Bristol; London; Home Counties.
We specialise in concrete repair, masonery repair and refurbishment, structural waterproofing, grouting, piling and anchoring, specialist civil engineering, building refurbishment, target fixings and platipus systems  call our office for futher information 01782 713063.