Grouting is a generic term and can be applied to a range of different techniques. Grouting involves the filling of voids, both large and small, around or beneath objects with various different materials. Our highly experienced grouting crews have been called upon to tackle most of these different techniques over the years being involved in anything from base plate grouting on theme park rides to consolidation of bridges and embankments and bulk filling of large voids.

The companies experience in this field along with its knowledge and access to a wide range of cement and resin based materials ensure that your project will have the most appropriate, cost effective solution every time.

Areas we have recently completed projects Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire; Shropshire; West Midlands; Birmingham; Manchester; Wiltshire; Dudley; Sandwell; Manchester; Liverpool; Merseyside; North wales; South Wales; Northamptonshire; Warwickshire; Lincolnshire;Yorkshire; Leeds; Leicestershire; Nottinghamshire; Swindon; Bristol; London; Home Counties.
We specialise in concrete repair, masonry repair and refurbishment, structural waterproofing, grouting, piling and anchoring, specialist civil engineering, building refurbishment, target fixings and platipus systems  call our office for further information 01782 713063.