Concrete Repair & Refurbishment

Having been involved in concrete repair since it was founded in 1973, CFB have a vast depth of experience in the field and although now quite diversified the process still probably accounts for 50% of its turnover.

Ensuring that we have kept pace with the technological advancement in repair techniques the company can provide both, the basic removal and repair of defective concrete, as well as the more modern techniques such as Hydrodemolition (removal of concrete using very high pressure water jetting), Structural Strengthening (Composites), Cathodic Protection and the use of highly specialised materials such as Fluid Micro Concrete, and Self Compacting Concretes to achieve the right results.

CFB provide a total refurbishment service to the highest quality standards, European standards, and the clients specific requirements for all types of concrete structures or members. We have carried out works on structures ranging from simple window lintels through multi-storey car parks to large motorway bridges.

Cathodic Protection is an electrochemical technique used in conjunction with Concrete Repair for structures suffering from high chloride content within the concrete. By reducing the chloride content using an anode the life expectancy of concrete structures can be greatly enhanced. CFB offer a full design and installation service for Cathodic Protection utilising the full range of anode types available.
Areas we have recently completed projects Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire; Shropshire; West Midlands; Birmingham; Manchester; Wiltshire; Dudley; Sandwell; Manchester; Liverpool; Merseyside; North wales; South Wales; Northamptonshire; Warwickshire; Lincolnshire;Yorkshire; Leeds; Leicestershire; Nottinghamshire; Swindon; Bristol; London; Home Counties.

We specialise in concrete repair, masonery repair and refurbishment, structural waterproofing, grouting, piling and anchoring, specialist civil engineering, building refurbishment, target fixings and platipus systems  call our office for futher information 01782 713063.